Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Introduction and Purpose

My Mission

Greetings to everyone out in the world wide webland!  This is my initial post in an experimental journey.  My mission is one that leaves me a little nervous but committed to finding an answer and an understanding!  You see, my friends....about 5 years ago, my entire world was turned upside down by one word.  "They."  Who are "they?"  Are "They" real?  Or is this simply a runaway conspiracy theory fueled by the imaginations of talented authors and Hollywood? Has my vagueness lost you yet?

You see, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about those shadowy people accused of being behind Mind Control, Ritual Abuse, human experimentation, sexual slavery, and the targeted subjugation of the human race under "One World Order."  Some call them the "Illuminati."  Others think "they" are simply rogue corporations or even government agencies such as the US CIA or FBI. My mission with this blog will be to document my research and discovery about WHO these people might be and if such a conspiracy truly exists!

If I were the reader, I'd want to know "Why you?  What makes you think you can answer these questions?"  The answer to this question will take many postings as I break down the experiences of my life.  Let me be crystal clear that I do NOT imply or certify that I have ever been a perpetrator or pawn of this alleged conspiracy.  My mission is to uncover if such a conspiracy is REAL and, subsequently, if it has affected my life (or currently does).  It is my hope that believers, non-believers, psychologists, doctors, historians, and others will weigh in on my posts to provide their respective insight.

So let's begin with the event that plunged me down the rabbit hole into this murky, dangerous world.  I am a 30-something professional woman currently living and working in the United States.  About 5 years ago, I was at a conference speaking about some cutting edge scientific research that I was engaging in.  After my presentation, I stayed behind to mingle and speak with a few spectators interested in my work.  Several individuals asked me various questions about my work, educational background, and history.  In my responses, I indicated that I had attended a special school for gifted students as a child. Upon hearing my response, one young woman serenely quipped "I'm so sorry...  Did they hurt you there?"  I was so caught off guard by her strange answer that I can only imagine the priceless look on my face!  Seeing she had caught my complete attention, she rushed on to explain her weird comment.  She indicated that she believed in the "Illuminati" who were a group of hybrid reptilian aliens who speak a Heglian dialect and use children & people for all sorts of shady business.  As I'm sure you can imagine, I laughed and looked around for the hidden cameras....sure I was being Punk'd by some naughty colleague.  My humor quickly turned to unease when I realized this was no carefully staged joke!  I was positive the woman was mentally unstable and I quickly began looking around for security or someone to help me extricate myself from this crazy woman!  To my continued surprise, she made no move to beg me to believe her.  She simply smiled, asked to shake my hand, and hauntingly told me "you will find out soon enough..." before walking away.  I tried to mentally shake off the incident but over the next several days found myself unable to deny the internal chaos she had so innocently stirred up.  What was she talking about?  She didn't know me!  This is crazy!! But what I could not deny was that there was a horrible & unexplainable uneasiness in my gut in regards to her comment about my school. It felt like a horrible premonition. I racked my brain hard to try to remember any incident that would indicate something was not "on the level" at my school, but nothing came to mind.  In my recollections, it seemed so completely normal and unremarkable, even for a school which should have been remarkable.  However, there is no doubt that a seed had been planted and I now felt driven to understand just what the heck this woman had been talking about!

Who is the Illuminati?

I am a scientist and researcher.  I live my life based in facts, not speculation.  Theories are meant to live or die by the proofs that support them.  I decided my first task was to uncover who or what "They" really were.  I've spent several years reading and researching about these alleged individuals. My research has encompassed the internet, books, newspapers, and documentaries as well as trying to corroborate claims from these sources in their physicality.  Just because some website on the internet claims it doesn't make it so!!! 

Through research, I discovered there is no consensus about who or what the "Illuminati" really is.  The history starts with Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century.  He is considered the father of the Bavarian Illuminati - a seemingly harmless gnostic secret society whose purpose was spiritual philosophy.  A necessary "secret society" due to the tyrannical ruling of the Catholic Church during the era (who wants to be burned as a heretic for thinking outside the box??).  

The "evil" Illuminati seems to be considered a separate sect of individuals from the Bavarian Illuminati.  It is this "evil" Illuminati who conspiracy theorists allege to be behind a whole set of nasty behavior, including but not limited to:

  • mind control
  • ritual abuse
  • child prostitution/pornography
  • sexual slavery
  • the drug trade
  • controlling all world currencies
  • controlling all world governments
  • controlling all world militaries
  • instigating war between countries
  • controlling all world religions in an effort to spiritually subjugate everyone
For those readers who (like me) have never heard of the "evil" Illuminati and want more material to read for themselves, I'd like to suggest these resources which seem to be the most cited by theorists:

Wise as Serpents by Fritz Springmeier (available online at

Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs (available on Amazon at

Svali Speaks - Interview with Ex-Illuminati Member (

Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor (available at Amazon at

I offer up these "resources" as information and examples from believers in this conspiracy theory.  I do not attest to their accuracy, completeness, truth, or validity.  However, I shall use these theories to test against my own life experiences.  

Finding Evidence of their Existence

I recently watched a television interview with Judith Mawson who was the wife of Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer.  Gary Ridgeway is probably the most prolific serial killer in the United States, killing upwards of 70+ women.  In her interview, Judith noted that, after she learned the truth about her husband, her memories of seemingly innocuous events in her marriage suddenly took on new significance.  She stated she was mentally driven to review every last detail of her memories to understand what "signs" she must have missed.  This type of mental scouring is normal when one has learned that their perceived reality was nothing more than someone's constructed, manipulated facade.

Have we all simply been taken in by a convoluted slight-of-hand carefully constructed by some shady faction?  It is certainly no surprise that the majority of the world obediently swallows the "facts" that are fed to us through the mainstream media.  But being taken in by clever propaganda does not necessarily constitute the existence of an "evil" Illuminati faction.  As I build upon this blog, I shall take a critical and scientific look at events, symbols, and "evidence" of this alleged conspiracy in an attempt to uncover the truth.  

I shall also apply the same filter to try to uncover any evidence of mind control and Illuminati existence within my own life.  You see, upon doing research into how this group allegedly operates, I uncovered "fingerprints" that might indicate the existence of this group within my life and my family.  As I attempt to carefully reiterate my experiences, I hope to have believes and non-believers alike weigh on any potential meaning or "reading" of the facts.

Now a final word on safety and anonymity.  I will be approaching this project with as much anonymity as will be humanly possible.  I do this for my personal safety as well as that of my family (who has no idea I am engaging in this little "project!").  As such, all names, locations, and personally identifiable information shall be changed to protect identities.  While this may make it impossible to corroborate any "facts" in their physicality (in regards to my life and my family's lives), it will still allow us to breakdown the psychological "truth" of the evidence.

So to all of you who will follow along in my little project and experiment, I welcome you and encourage your comments from webland!

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