Sunday, June 12, 2011

Someone's ANGRY

ladies and gentlemen,

It has been several weeks since I last posted.  In that time, there has been an increase in suspicious activity surrounding my house and family.  A part of me wonders if it is merely coincidental.  Another part wonders if it is in response to this blog or something else.  Since March of this year, the following has occurred:

1.  I have been run off the road and nearly killed twice.  Both times by individuals in vehicles who tried very hard to get away.  The last one made a shoulder pass through rush hour traffic, nearly causing at least two other vehicles to crash.

2.  Being followed by helicopters (not military ones).  Over the past month, I have been followed by a red/black helicopter no less than 6 times.  At least once the helicopter flew so low as to nearly land on the roof of my vehicle.

3.  My home has been entered on several occasions.  The entries have occurred at night when we were home asleep as well as while we have been gone at work/school.  On one night, my little shih tzu went ballistic.  Someone had managed to get into my home without tripping the alarm and the dog alerted us.  Several weeks later, my dog disappeared.  There have also been at least 3 occasions where someone entered while I was gone and DID trigger the alarm.  When police arrived, the house was empty but the doors were standing open.  No way possible they could have opened on their own or by the wind.

4.  Signals.  There appears to be a covert team of at least two people monitoring my very rural and secluded home.  If or when I exit my home after dark, there are "signals" that are meant to sound natural but are very clearly out of place and unnatural.  On several occasions, my sudden exit combined with these signals has ended with various vehicles following me to my destination.  I have attempted to confront these individuals but they will not engage and have so far avoided me.

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